We produce SPRING COIL mattresses using the latest technology. What makes our mattresses different from others available here is outlined below:

Our coils are made of 2.2 mm steel wire (not mild steel where tension capability of coil is not guaranteed). Our coils are also imported and of ISO standard.

After constructing the coils together with a coil‐lining machine to the required size the edges of the coil skeleton is framed (using spiral system) with 3.4 mm steel to give it extra strength at the edges.

The coil skeleton is made and supported by 3.4 mm steel wire. At this stage we already have better constructed body than our competitors. We could proceed to cover it up; but since we know it is not right we go further and frame the skeleton with 6 cm by 15 cm silicon rubber foam that sits in between the coils. This is done all around at the edge in order to give support at the edge where usage is heavier in terms of sitting. It is a system our competitors do not use because it increases the cost of production by at least 15% and also it is a technique that is not locally available.

The skeleton is framed up and ready for putting the desired soft layers on top. But before this we take care of one factor which is creating a proper platform to put in between coils and soft layers in order to create required orthopedic posture. This we do by using thermo watt material, which is not a process in mattress production done locally, but considered to be one of the backbones of a mattress production internationally.

The thermo watt, silicon rubber foam and edges of coils are connected to each other to form a strong compact body, when there is force from any side of the mattress, the coil skeleton is supported by both silicon rubber foam and thermo watt. This ensures that it does not loose shape.

Depending on the type of mattress that we want to produce we put layers of soft thermo watt, feather sponge, Dacron fiber, or silicon sponge. All these products are produced to ISO standards to give the mattress the ability to produce maximum comfort.

Lastly we cover our mattresses with cotton base high quality fire resistant fabric; this fabric is antiallergy, anti‐bacteria and also repellent to dust and mites.

We can produce any size of made to measure mattresses.