In order to give longer life span, all our beds, head‐boards and side cabinets are made of steel structure unlike our competitors who make them out of wood products. Another important advantage is that when they are produced out of metal structure we guarantee silent sleep as compared to when it is produced out of wood where joints start making noise after some time.

Our coils are made of 2.2 mm steel wire (not mild steel where tension capability of coil is not guaranteed). Our coils are also imported and of ISO standard.

We produce our beds with storage facility below it. This is to help organize your room to maximum and satisfactory use of space as this storage facility takes in extra blankets beddings etc.

Beds with extra spare beds below (Kangaroo Bed). This is a facility that you can have in youngsters’ rooms for they become very handy when friends come to spend a night, as on normal times they occupy only one bed space. Hence maximum space usage in the room. The same can be applicable for visitor’s rooms.

We can produce any size of made to measure beds.