About Us

Mekan (E.A.) Ltd

Mekan (E.A.) Ltd. was incorporated on 23rd June, 2006 in Nairobi with the main objectives of making, selling and distribution of domestic furniture, mattresses and other related fabrics e.g. pillows bed sheets, bed covers and cushions amongst others. Mekan (E.A.) Ltd.’s special area of expertise has been focused on the production of home furniture and mattresses in Kenya to match the standards of those being imported from various countries. These similar products from elsewhere have very high importation costs that make them un‐attainable to many.

The products and its’ market were identified easily. However, the challenge was to set up the factory to produce the unique products we required. We also wanted to bring the technology and know‐how, which we hoped, would make a difference in the lives of people in East Africa. We believe that such a move enabled us to cost our products reasonably so that many East Africans can afford them and yet have flexibility of choice from a wider range of products.

Mekan (E.A.) Ltd is committed to the Production of high quality Orthopedic & Posturepedic mattresses. We assemble our products locally with high quality imported materials principally from Turkey. At Mekan (E.A) LTD, our mission is to maintain our status as the premier provider of quality mattresses in every category. We aim to consistently provide our customers and the community with the highest quality products, highest level of service and the very best prices. Mekan (EA) LTD’s top products are produced by Turkey trained bed and mattress technicians employing some of the most modern bed and mattress making technologies acquired through client interaction and research. Mekan (EA) LTD aims to ensure that our professional sales force, our high service standards, and our exclusive bedding products will never be compromised.